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Icicles and Intense Snow Could Damage Roofs - KLJB

Forty-eight hours after the big winter commotion hit our area, the snow and ice it brought continue to make for dangerous conditions in the QCA. One of the big hazards: Icicles. Icicles are heavy and gutters on roofs were not designed to resist that much weight, so they can easily rip the gutters right off a house, leaving an expensive repair bill. "Probably six dollars, $6. 50 per linear foot," estimated Gerry Haan, holder of Haan roofing, "Aside from the interior damage. Haan spent part of Tuesday doing what he recommends all homeowners do, knocking down the icicles and portly snow from his roof with a snow rake, a sort of metal scraper at the end of a long pole which can be adjusted to become even longer. "That does two things: It takes the mass off the roof and it also removes the icicles from the ground. Don't get on the roof," Haan warned. For one thing, any ladder you would use to get up on your roof could easily slither in the snow on the ground, causing you to fall. For another thing, you could easily fall once you get on the roof. Although the snow on your roof may look balmy and fluffy, it is covering a layer of ice that formed from the freezing rain we saw before the latest winter storm, and that could make any activity on your roof damned dangerous. "If you get that roof with that ice underneath there, you could easily slide," Haan explained. "When you hit that and you're gone, you're gone. "And I'm 61 years old, I've been in construction over 40 years, and I've experienced that I don't bounce very well," Haan added, laughing. Still, the potential for damage from ice and snow on a roof is a very genuine concern. Roofs are only engineered to hold so much weight, and in extreme cases, the weight of snow and ice can lead to roof collapses. In the at all events of this most recent storm, the layer of ice under the snow now adds to the weight on our roofs, as do the icicles that indicate what are called 'ice dams' at the force of a roof. An ice dam forms because the heated air inside a house rises, melting the snow on the roof above it, which then flows down the tip over the soffit, where the air is cold, and it refreezes. That creates a barrier, giving the other melted snow on the roof no where else to go. "So it's going to keep money up, backing up backing up and it's going to push under your shingles, or whatever you have, and create problems," Haan said. Depending on the tract of the repair work needed to get your roof up to code again, that could cost a lot of money. "You could be looking at half the cost of a new roof clearly," Haan said, referring to homes which have not had roofs replaced since the codes changed around the year 2000 to be short of an ice barrier to be installed with the roof at least two feet... "If you have to go two courses of ice barrier and then you have to add it in the valleys, which are the angles going up where two roofs might defray, at that point, you just will replace your roof and bring it up to code," he said. And that tally of the cost of the repairs from ice-related leaks does not allow for repairing any interior damage. "It could be double that," Haan said. Haan says a better bet is to spend your money on a snow rake, which are to hand for at building supply stores and some big box home improvement stores for around $50. Haan says one of the benefits of using a snow rake like the one he does is... If you were to use a broom as an alternative, the bristles could leave damage behind.

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Seasoned Green Plastic Handle Whisk Broom Clear Plastic Bristles 6.5" length

Seasoned Green Plastic Handle Whisk Broom Clear Plastic Bristles 6.5" length TimeLeft:
25d 12h 41m
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Antiquated Mid Century Horseshoe Shaped Wooden Dustpan And Bristle Hand Broom

Antiquated Mid Century Horseshoe Shaped Wooden Dustpan And Bristle Hand Broom TimeLeft:
24d 18h 59m
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Harper Brush - 352412 - Push Brooms Type: Medium Bristle Material: Synthetic

Harper Brush - 352412 - Push Brooms Type: Medium Bristle Material: Synthetic TimeLeft:
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Weiler 44026 Palmyra Answer b take the place Deck Scrub Brush with Wood Block, 10" Overall Length

by Weiler Corporation
List price: $10.53
Price: $8.03
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  • Brush measures 10" long; bristles are 2" long
  • Wood block is heavier than typical plastic blocks and is better suited for moderate to heavy cleaning
  • Palmyra fiber bristles can be used indoors or outdoors to remove heavy dirt and debris

Product description

The Weiler 44026 Palmyra fill deck scrub brush is a push broom head that has brown Palmyra fiber bristles in a wood block, and can be used with a Weiler 44018 or 44020 broom handle (sold separately) for scrubbing decks or other rough surfaces. The Palmyra fiber bristles can be used indoors or outdoors to remove heavy dirt and debris from rough surfaces. The bristles are arranged in six rows, with 18 sets of bristles per row, to facilitate scrubbing. The wood block is heavier than typical plastic blocks and is better suited for moderate to heavy cleaning. The block has two handle holes, a threaded one that accepts a Weiler 44018 broom handle and a tapered one that accepts a Weiler 44020 handle (handles sold separately). The brush measures 10" long. The bristles are 2" long.

Brooms are cleaning tools used to sweep floors as well as porches, decks, driveways, sidewalks, and other outdoor surfaces. They typically consist of a long handle attached to a broom head with natural or synthetic bristles to trap dirt, dust, or debris. Certain brooms can be used indoors or outdoors or both, or on rough or smooth surfaces, depending on the type of bristles they have and other factors. Some brooms are color-coded to prevent cross-contamination and help facilitate workplace organization. Brooms are used by janitors, housekeepers, and other professionals in a wide variety of commercial and industrial environments, including airports, hospitals, hotels, offices, schools, and stadiums.

Weiler manufactures precision brushes, abrasives, and maintenance products. The company, founded in 1898 in Germany and headquartered in Cresco, PA, meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 9001.

WISPsystem Best clothes 90 Degree Angle One-Handed Broom with Dustpan and Telescoping Handle w/Bristle Seal Technology (Gray)

Price: $34.95
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  • FOOT-OPERATED WISPpan reduces bending and easily cleans bristles with side combs
  • TELESCOPING HANDLE extends from 29" to 51" making it easy to use and store
  • SIMPLE, FAST, & EFFICIENT one-handed WISP results in effortless cleaning

Product description

Stop Sweeping. Start WISPing
Born from proven science, relentless ingenuity, & fervent passion, WISP works harder so you don't have to. It's faster, easier & more efficient than a traditional broom & dustpan. It's the world's smartest cleaning system.

3 Pc WISPsystem Includes
WISP: Patented and Innovative, WISP is the lightest most versatile cleaning product on the market
WISPpan: Just step on the WISPpan to apply 4 pressure points for a smooth, clean seal to the floor
WISPaway: Sleeve neatly stores on pantry door or hides under cabinets with convenient hanging strip

Discover The WISPsystem
The WISP can be used to easily clean dust, dirt, pet-hair and more. Great for hardwood floors, tile, carpet, upholstery, stairs, auto interiors and more. It's sleek, ultra-lightweight design cleans hard to reach window screens, staircases, or ceiling corners. Unlike brooms, the dense bristles create a squeegee-like effect against the surface, reducing allergens in the air and resulting in faster cleaning.

A Smarter Cleaning System
The WISPsystem is efficient, ergonomic, & ultra-lightweight. Saving you time & energy. No side-to-side sweeping. Instead, stand upright & clean onehanded with easy, gliding strokes in a gentle forward backward vacuum-like motion. No need to exert pressure as with brooms and mops. The less pressure you apply, the better the results. Trap debris in WISPpan's wide shelf & deep basin. The WISP easily snaps into the WISPpan protecting the bristles and making it easy to store. Safe on most surfaces.

The Evolution of Sweeping
Founded in 2012 by innovator and entrepreneur Eben Dobson, WISP Industries is devoted to innovation, quality products, & superior customer service. We listen to customers. It's how our product family has evolved into the most intelligent cleaning system including WISPsystem, miniWISP, handWISP & bigWISP.

pcRUSH.com Corridor/Toy Broom, Corn Fiber Bristles, 39" Wood Handle, Red/Yellow $20.20
Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping) Unisan Area/Toy Broom, Corn Fiber Bristles, 39 Wood Handle, Red/Yellow $10.86
Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping) UNISAN UNS932Y Store Broom Yucca/Corn Fiber Bristles 42 Wood Handle Natural $18.87
Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping) Rubbermaid Commercial Angled Weighty Brooms, Poly Bristles, 48 7/8 Aluminum Handle, Silver/Gray $20.99

44-Superior Bristle Brush Broom.mov


Q. How to get dog whisker off the carpet when a vacuum wont do the job? I recently started cleaning a residence once a week. The owners have two chocolate labs. They shed like CRAZY. I vacuum the living room and the dog hair just doesnt pick up. I've tried several another vacuumes (Thinking that maybe one of them was...
A. I have a extensive hair dog and it is impossible to use a vacuum. I bought a broom with large plastic bristles that works great. I pull in near the edge of the carpet and vacuum. It also loosens up...
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A. BHO is in point of fact a lot more intelligent than he seems. But it's academic intelligence more than common sense. But the real problem is that the voters getting screwed is the essence of democracy....

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