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5 Do-it-Yourself Carpet Cleaning Tips

One of the largest surfaces of your building is your floors and over 75% of homes in America have carpet covering the majority of their floors. This leaves carpeting as one of the major pieces of your internal that can be affected by water damage and also can easily turn into mold damage. We have discussed here on our blog different ways to inhibit water damage to your carpets and floors, but what if something unexpected or unplanned happens. Then what do you do with those water damaged carpets. As big as you have stopped the source of the water, you can easily clean up those dirty and damp carpets by yourself by following just a few easy tips. Tip 1: Less is More. So you have rented (or own) a relaxed carpet cleaning machine… perfect. Now it’s time to clean up that mess, but what about the solution you put inside the machine. How much do you put in. Is there a thing as too much solution. You want to contemplate of your cleaning solution like a mixed drink… if you have too little or too much of one ingredient then the whole drink tastes bad. You must find the rectify “mix” for your machine. Well think of it in this way. if a professional carpet cleaning device that can cost up to twenty thousand dollars will only clean the top 1/8 of your carpet fibers while the instrument you have rented or owned is much less powerful. Using the same amount of solution on both types of machines is wasteful and pointless. Also having too much figuring out on your carpet can cause all sorts of different problems with your carpets. It can leave a residue and attract more dirt, create and/or turn spots into stains that even a trained couldn’t get out and even shorten the life of your carpet. The latex backing of your carpet can soak in that extra solution and weaken the backing of your carpet. Tip 2: More is More. Most of the effectively carpet cleaning machines will really have two functions. one will be a normal vacuum function and the other will be the carpet solution function. Most home owners after hose damage to their carpets will focus on the carpet solution function and ignore the vacuum function. A vacuum pass is a vital for the sake of in the cleaning up process and should not be overlooked. After distributing the carpet solution, we suggest at least a minimum of two vacuum passes over the solution filled areas (three to four passes is more standard of perfection). This gives the machine the full range to vacuum up those stains after they have been soaking in the cleaning solution (remember your machine is not as weighty as you might think). It will also help if you have accidently put too much solution into your machine. Unless you have central air conditioning, you will want to avoid cleaning carpets on hot/moist or rainy days. You have a greater chance of mold growth on days like this. If you must clean your carpets on a bad weather day, play-act sure you do extra vacuum passes on your carpet. This will limit the risk of mold growth and keep you safe from the air born spores that it can fashion. Tip 3: Not All Are Created Equal. Many of the synthetic fiber carpets won’t be harmed by carpet cleaners and their water based solutions, but if you own any Oriental, common or wool fiber carpets or rugs that need cleaning you will want to hire a professional carpet cleaner. or if they are small enough take them to a dry cleaner. The solution and oppression from a carpet cleaning machine can create many different problems for these types of rugs and carpet.

Source: Water & Mold Away USA Helpful Tips

ClearMax Steam Cleaner and Sanitizing Cleaning Set with 4 Microfiber Cloths and Chef's Leading Heat Resistant Gloves, Best for Cleaning Hard Areas, Bathroom, counters, Stoves and tire rims, Scrub, Sanitize + Cleans any Top Without Abrasion, Tough on Bacte

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  • Includes 9 accessories: Flexible extension hose, Long spray nozzle, Door/window nozzle, Door/window nozzle plate, Bent spray nozzle, Round brush nozzle, Funnel, Measuring cup and Towel sleeve To help clean all different places and angles, tiles and car tire rim cleaner. All-natural 100-percent chemical-free with no harmful fumes or residue, the Concentrated steam is a complete killer for bacteria, dust mites, roaches and other insects.
  • The Steamcleaner Emits 1050 watts of Powerful hot steam, Contains everything for a quick start up. Simply fill with water it Holds 8 ounces of water, Plug it in and heat up, it takes 2-3 minute warm up time. The powerful hot steam works continuously for up to 15-20 minutes. Lightweight and durable, easy to carry when filled. It makes light work of the toughest grime. Can even work as a steamer to remove wrinkles from garments.
  • The steam cleaner can help you deep clean even hard areas and places, sanitize large surfaces such as windows, doors, Bathroom tiles, vanities, scrub and sanitize toilets, bathtubs, stove tops, counter tops or anything ells in the kitchen, door handles and other places people touch that are common places to accumulate germs like the garage and vehicle. It'S great for bacteria treatment and can help get rid of odors. Removes grime, grease, mold, stains including from carpets and fabrics.

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Chef's Star Steam Cleaner and Sanitizing Cleaning Set with Microfiber Cloths and Silicon Gloves This is the ultimate cleaning and sanitizing set. It includes one powerful handheld Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing System Steam Cleaner. Comes with a host of accessories for a variety of uses. Upholstery Nozzle; Extended Spray Nozzle; Spray nozzle for windows and doors; Bayonet Tip; Window Squeegee; Angle Tip; Funnel; Round Brush Attachment; Filler Cup; Cloth. Heats up quickly and delivers a nice hard blasts of steam without spitting. Gets the grime out of little places. Plus it kills bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs. It safely cleans all types of surfaces. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, garden equipment, fabric, garments. Use in the kitchen, bathroom, shower, patio, garage. You also get a 4 pack of Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. Made of ultra fine microfiber material so it's safe for all surfaces and it won't streak or scratch. So highly absorbent, it absorbs eight times its weight in water, and dries in about half the time of standard towels. Cleans with or without chemical cleaners. Excellent for cleaning and removing smudges, dirt, grime, and fingerprints. Great for tough cleaning jobs such as cars, stoves, outdoor and indoor items. But its soft and safe enough for cameras, lenses, tablets, laptops, cell phones, LCD TV screens, GPS screens, and any object with a delicate surface so it's really all purpose. It's easy to clean by hand or machine wash. Plus 1-Pair Pure Silicone Gloves that are one size fits most. They are heat resistant of up to 425 degrees. With a non-slip five finger design for greater use and flexibility. Allows for the safe movement of hot items with a strong grip. Perfect for any job inside or outside of the kitchen including cleaning, baking, BBQ, and grilling. Built to last, BPA-free, FDA approved,

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Q. Does renting a Rug Doctor perform the same thing as hiring a carpet cleaner? Do they have gamester machines? Or do people only hire them because they're too lazy to clean their own carpets with a Rug Doctor?
A. It depends on the carpet cleaner, their paraphernalia, etc. If you're dealing with really deep dirt, you might consider a company like Stanley Steamer or something. I highly recommend someone who...
Q. What kind of carpet cleaning to use? I can't resolve if I want to buy a carpet cleaner ($140) or if I should just rent a rug doctor ($70 - but probably split between me and my sister so she can use it too) or hire a professional to come and clean it good once ($100) but they would...
A. My mom bought a carpet cleaner, and it does a noble job for her. She uses it around the house once a year - maybe more. The carpet always looks nice. She usually does one or two rooms at a time when...

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