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NEW Object, The ORIGINAL "Dish Nanny" | SHUTTER ONLY CHANGES WHEN YOU PUSH IT | Dishwasher Magnet CLEAN DIRTY -Sign Tells Whether Dishes Are Wash or Dirty(Dishwasher Signs With Color Options)

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  • THIS PRODUCT WORKS With easy to read letters, a great slide that stays in place, and bold red and green colors. You know at a glance if dishes are washed!
  • WILL STICK TO ANY SURFACE With the strong magnets or the included industrial velcro tabs
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We have been providing great customer service now for years

Product description

We are located HERE in the USA. This is the company that started it all. Welcome to the Dish Nanny experience! Look for our logo on the front of your sign to say "DISH NANNY". SMACD is the makers of The original Dish Nanny and is a US based brand that designs to make our customer's everyday life easier.


It's the simple solutions that works best and our dishwasher dirty clean magnet sign indicator "The DISH NANNY" is the solution.

-PERFECT SIZE of 7 inches by 2 inches making it easy to read but not overwhelming
-NON-SCRATCH MAGNET or DOUBLE SIDED VELCRO (so you can take it on and off)
- SHUTTER TENSION IS JUST RIGHT. The shutter only moves when you move it

TIP: Attach to to the outside of your dishwasher and as you load the dishwasher with dirty dishes, keep the sign on the DIRTY RED, BUT as soon as you put that dishwasher tab in and turn it on immediately glide the shutter to CLEAN GREEN before you walk away. Only the worst kitchen culprits attempt opening the dishwasher when it's already on so this will eliminate those inevitable questions that come once you walk away and maybe, just MAYBE, someone will help empty it and put those beautifully clean dishes back where they belong.


SATISFACTION GUARANTEE -We love our customers and are obsessed with customer satisfaction. If for any reason you don't absolutely adore your new dishwasher dirty clean sign, just send it back our way for a full refund - GUARANTEED DON'T WAIT, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR KITCHEN AND CLICK THE "ADD TO CART" BUTTON NOW!!

Wine Crowing Dish Butler Best Dishwasher Magnet Clean-Dirty Dishwasher Indicator Sign - 2 Sided - 2 Different Fun Pictures

by Wine Chuckle
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  • THE PERFECT SIZE with a Strong enough Magnet that Will Not Fall Off or Be Annoying yet Still Flip Easy. No Spinning Action that gives Many False Readings and cause Second Guessing. NO Sliding Parts that get Food and Dust Trapped in them. Slightly less then 3 x 3 inches. He can also be used to Cover Up that Annoying Ding or Small Dent. Now if only we could get him to Clean the Dishes!
  • HE'S SO SIMPLE with No Moving Parts to Break or Jam Up or Stick. He also makes a Great Stocking Stuffer, Housewarming Gift, Birthday Gift, Wedding Gift, Teachers Gift,Christmas Gift, Bachelorette Gift Ect.,
  • PEOPLE ARE LOVING the Dish Butler with his Smooth and Simple Double Sided Magnet Surfaces that are Designed for Easy Flipping. Give Your Kitchen a Bit of a Wine Theme. Kids Love him and want to Help with Dishes so they can Flip Him(well maybe). No Sticky Adhesives or Small Hard Magnets that can Permanently Scratch your Door or Become Child Safety Hazards.

Product description

* NO More AAAAAHHHH! You put the Dirty Dishes in with the Clean!

* Cute and Classy with a little Wine Theme Power for Your Kitchen.

* Your Friends will ask "Where did You Get that Cute Little Guy!

* Eliminates Frustration , Conflicts and unwanted Extra Work and Stress.

* Simple design that will not Scratch your Dishwasher Door or Damage it with messy Adhesives.

* No Loose Spinng Dial to give False Readings.

* No Sliding parts to break, Jam Up or get filled with Food, Dust or Pet Hair.

* Money Back Guarantee

* Makes a Unique one of a kind Useful Gift.

* Slightly less then 3 x 3 Inches and is EASY to READ.

* Child Safe(No Small Parts)

* Saves Time and Water.

* Can also Cover Up Small Dings or Dents in your Dishwasher Door.

* Shows your Sense of Humour.

* Fun for Kids Too.

* Strong Magnet Will NOT FALL OFF but is still easy to Flip.

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Dishwasher Cleaning - Top Hat-rack Doesn't Clean

Hey to all - appreciation you so much for your kind words. I really am glad that so many have found this video to be helpful. For the money we pay for such applianc...


Q. Does a dishwasher absolutely confess dishes or sanitizes them? As for some people, they have in mind a dishwasher cleans dishes, riding all the specks of food and all. and some think it just sanitizes them after you scrubbed the food off of them. What do u think? One or the other, or maybe even both?? just curious.
A. Most dishwashers do either one. You can set it to sanitize but as the handbook states, once you touch them they are no longer sanitized, you have contaminated them. Therefore there's not point in...
Q. how to well use finish dishwasher cleaner? i followed the instructions in the back of conclude dishwasher cleaner but it appears that none of the cleaner is emptying into the dishwasher when it runs. am i supposed to poke a hole in the wax on the top or somthing?
A. Sounds like the drench isn't hot enough to melt the wax.........the instructions say remove sticker, not the cap underneath and invert in the silverware basket. Try running your kitchen faucet...

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