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Warranties inveterately start on purchase date, not delivery date - Los Angeles Times

For Gavin Yee, it all came down to the eight days between when he purchased a Whirl dryer and when it was delivered to his Azusa home. His extended warranty expired just days before the dryer broke down. Whirlpool said it was stout luck. But Yee, 47, felt this was unfair. Had his warranty begun when the dryer was installed, rather than on the purchase date, he'd still be covered. "What if you're remodeling your board and don't receive an appliance for six months. "Have you lost half your warranty. It's an intriguing question, one that has implications for many corporate warranties. A Google search suggests that beginning coverage on the era of purchase, rather than the delivery date, is the norm for U. S. businesses. Federal and California laws say this is a buyer-beware setting. If a warranty states that coverage starts at the time of purchase, there it is. "Those are the terms," said Brian Strange, a Los Angeles barrister who represents businesses in warranty claims. "You're agreeing to those terms when you make the purchase. Dan Warshaw, an L. A. lawyer who represents consumers in order actions, agreed. "If the manufacturer's warranty contains language that says the warranty starts from the date of sale kind of than the date of delivery, that's a binding contract," he said. No," Warshaw said. These contracts clearly favor the manufacturer over the consumer. In Europe, a fabricator's warranty is required by law to last a minimum of two years, not just one as in the United States. And a European warranty begins when a product is received, not purchased. businesses do start warranties on the expression date. Yee purchased his dryer for about $900 from a Home Depot in Monrovia on Dec. It was delivered to his home on Jan. He said he repeatedly had to replace a defective fuse in the machine and purchased a $40 extended warranty in October 2013, increasing coverage for an additional year. The extended covenant, as measured from the original purchase date, expired Dec. 3, Yee said, the dryer broke down again. He called Whirlpool and asked that the guarantee date be adjusted to the delivery date. A service rep said the company couldn't do that. "I said, 'What if I bought something and couldn't boost delivery for a month. Do I lose a month of my warranty. ' They said yes," he said. Federal law and Federal Trade Commission rules be lacking that businesses "state certain specified information about the coverage of your warranty in a single, clear and easy-to-read document. But there's no demand about the start of coverage, only a presumption that it begins on the purchase date unless otherwise specified. Under state law, a warranty must be extended for the duration of any perpetually required for a product to be repaired. So if you have to take back a computer, say, for two weeks worth of fixes, your warranty will be extended by two weeks. That doesn't seem to employ in Yee's case because the fuse in his dryer was replaced each time at his home. Kristine Vernier, a Whirlpool spokeswoman, said the company's assurance makes clear that coverage begins on the purchase date. She also said that the warranty will end exactly a year later, regardless of when you took control of your appliance. "However," Vernier said, "cases are reviewed individually, and Whirlpool Corp. In Yee's case, it took a service rep only a few seconds to conclude that no memorable considerations.

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Kenmore 80 Series gas dryer Timer Shard# 3976576 Sub# WP3976576 Used Works Good

Kenmore 80 Series gas dryer Timer Shard# 3976576 Sub# WP3976576 Used Works Good TimeLeft:
28d 0h 46m
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Vortex Gas Dryer Knob Set part #'s 8316546, 8316540, 8316538 gray & sil

Vortex Gas Dryer Knob Set part #'s 8316546, 8316540, 8316538  gray & sil TimeLeft:
27d 20h 51m
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134053600 Frigidaire Kenmore Gas / Exciting Dryer END OF CYCLE SIGNAL SWITCH

134053600 Frigidaire Kenmore Gas / Exciting Dryer END OF CYCLE SIGNAL SWITCH  TimeLeft:
27d 15h 46m
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Maelstrom 279834 Valve Coil for Dryer

by Whirlpool
Price: $10.11
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  • Works with model: Whirlpool 1653W1A
  • Works with model: Whirlpool 1653^2A
  • Works with model: Whirlpool 1653W0A

Product description

Gas valve solenoid coil, 2 terminal. This product adds a great value. This product is manufactured in Mexico.

279834 Dryer Gas Valve Ignition Solenoid Twist Kit For Dryers Premium Replacement Parts

by DR Quality Parts
Price: $9.69
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  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Exact Fit for easy installation
  • Gas Dryer Valve Coil Kit 279834

Product description

These Gas Dryer Coil Kits are for use in the -M-Style gas valves used in most gas dryers today and for the past 20+ years. Comes with both coils (2). This COIL KIT WORKS WITH MANY FRIGIDAIRE, GE, CROSLEY, ELECTROLUX AND OTHER WASHERS, DRYERS AND STOVE/OVEN/RANGES. GAS VALVE SOLENOID COIL KIT, BOTH 2 AND 3 WIRE COIL IN KIT. Works with model: Whirlpool 1653W1A Works with model: Whirlpool 1653W0A Works with model: Whirlpool 1653^2A Whirlpool 279834 Valve Coil for Dryer. Works with the following models: Whirlpool 1053B0A, Whirlpool 1053B1A, Whirlpool 1653^0A, Whirlpool 1653^1A, Whirlpool 1653W1A, Whirlpool 1653W0A, Whirlpool 1653^2A ; and many more. Warranty,Parts : DR Quality Parts warrants its products to be free from defects in material or workmanship under the following conditions: The warranty period starts the day the product is delivered. DR QP will repair or replace, free of charge, any product which, under normal conditions of use and service, proves to be defective in material or workmanship and which is within the applicable warranty period. This warranty, however, does not cover any labor costs incurred in diagnosis of defects, removal or reinstallation of a product, nor does it cover any other consequential expenses. A dated purchase receipt, repair order or other written proof that the product is within the warranty period will be required in order to be eligible for free repair or replacement. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser, and is not transferable to subsequent owners of the product unless sold through an authorized reseller. DR Quality Products is the only authorized seller. The Whirlpool® brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of the Whirlpool® brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.

Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping) LG 4.9 cu. ft. Mega Office High Efficiency Top Load Washer - 8 Mode(s) - Top Loading - 4.90 ft Washer Capacity - 1100 rpm - Immaculate $648.99
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Q. I requirement to find parts for an old frigedaire gas dryer part number 7522644? I deprivation help finding parts for an old Frigedaire gas dryer model # DCIG-65 part number 7522644 this is a tension pully and a belt #A 34 can someone amuse tell me where I can find these parts
A. I've been superior to find all my appliance parts at www.repairclinic.com. Hopefully they can help you. P.S. I just checked, they have the parts you need.
Q. Installing a flue for a gas dryer? I have to fix in place a complete vent system for a gas dryer. It has to go up in the attic and out the roof. It's not possible to go through an exterior wall. Does the entire section of pipe have to be clone wall, or just the part in the ceiling?...
A. yes doub in ceiling only bounteous end to dryer

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Forcefulness Saving Advice from the Englewood Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard Air plenty is the most important part of the function of a clothes dryer ... and possible carbon monoxide threat with gas dryers. Mitchell Chesney is a C-DET Certified Dryer Run out Technician. Dryer vents are his only business and he is a qualified expert ...

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