Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

HEARTLAND 21000 Dryer Vent Closure

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  • VENTILATION - Lets warm air escape when open.
  • VERTICAL INSTALLATION- Vent must be installed vertically and sliding may need to cut for proper installation.
  • EASY-TO-INSTALL -Dryer vent closure with hassle-free installation.

Product description

Replace your old vent with the Heartland Natural Vent. This easy-to-install dryer vent closure features a square base with pre-drilled holes for your convenience. The Heartland Natural Vent will last throughout all seasons, letting warm air escape when open and preventing cold air from entering when closed.

Additionally, this vent will provide critter protection, keeping insects and other pests from entering your home through the dryer vent. Looking for some savings? This energy saving dryer vent closure is designed to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Do your wallet a favor with the Heartland Natural Vent.

Dryer Vent Closure

by Lambro Industries
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Product description

Lambro Industries 289W 4" Dryer Vent Seal 289W Laundry Appliance Accessories

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Spirit saving dryer vent - 11/22/08

Historic dryer vents can let in outside into you home. Try this energy-saving version to help keep the outside air where it belongs.


Q. Can you be resolute back a cut dryer vent with duck tape ? My builder incontrovertible to cut the vent coming into my clothes dryer machine but told me it would be fine, we can just stick the 2 cut ends together with duck tape. Would that be OK ?
A. Where sealing is allowed UL 181b-fx tape-record is normally the spec required for safe dryer DUCT sealing. Please refer to the IMC document below for acceptable locations. Most video referred to as duct...
Q. What are some ways repeated crack of a dryer while in use can damage the machine? I demand help with a customer who constantly complains about the dryers in the laundry room not drying his clothes. The dryers, I'm sure, would get the job done, but he opens the door several times during use to cease if it's gotten warm yet...
A. Since he has mind-set issues, there probably isn't anything technical that you can say that will help. If the dryer is not heating up, it will take many hours to dry a load. Since it is taking only...

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