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WASHINGTON — Several specific fires have been caused by clothes dryers this winter, including one on Super Bowl Sunday that caused an estimated $1 million in impair at a Bethesda apartment. “Clean the lint screen filter before and after each time you use a load of clothes. clean the dryer vent and exhaust practice periodically,” says Pete Piringer, public information officer for the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Care. Fire investigators believe a blocked dryer vent caused Sunday’s fire on Dudley Lane in Bethesda, Maryland , Sunday, and after firefighters put out the feeling, they spent time visiting other laundry rooms in the neighborhood. “As firefighters investigated, they found, in fact, several instances where they had 100 percent blockage of the dryer vents. They pulled out handfuls, fistfuls of lint that were in full blocking the dryer vent systems,” Piringer says. “If you have any kind of blockage in your vent pipe it could be a problem. Other safety tips offered by Montgomery County Ardency and Rescue Service include keeping the area around the dryer clean and free from clutter and always using the appropriate electrical safety-valve for dryers and other major appliances. Here are some other tips from Montgomery County Fire & Rescue:. Have a certified service technician neaten and inspect the dryer and venting system regularly. Replace plastic or vinyl exhaust hoses with rigid or flexible metal venting, which provides crowning airflow. Don’t leave a dryer operating if you are not home. Don’t forget to read the manufacturer warnings in the user manual and on the inside of the dryer door. Don’t dry any memo containing foam, rubber or plastic, such as bathroom and non-slip rugs and athletic shoes. Don’t dry any item that contains sun-glasses fiber materials, such as a blouse or sweater with glass buttons or decorations. Don’t overload the dryer with wet clothes. The Consumer Product Shelter Commission estimates there are more than 15,000 clothes dryer fires nationwide each year. Follow @WTOP on Twitter and WTOP on Facebook. I had a dryer holocaust. The “arson investigator” (standard procedure) said it was caused by the main power supply line running too tight-lipped to the vent hose. The heat melted the insulation on the power line which caused electrical arcing which started the fire. I not under any condition bought that explanation — I had a vinyl vent hose — how could vinyl get hot enough to melt a 240V power line. But just in case, I now keep a get a load off one's mind of plywood between my new metal vent pipe and the power supply line. We also had a wire screen similar to “chicken wire” covering the casing vent to keep snakes out. (Yes, we once had a snake get into the dryer through the vent. Then came the big mistake — I put a load of towels in the dryer and we left the house. 1) How bring to a close is your vent hose to the power line. (And don’t use vinyl. 2) Clean out the lint regularly. 3) Don’t leave the house with the dryer sustained.

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Speedi-Products EX-HPG 04 4-Inch Diameter Dry Duty Paintable Galv Hood

by Applied Applications International
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  • Speedi-Exhaust Products are made in the USA
  • Wide Mouth Opening for better airflow
  • Seal joints with approved duct mastic sealants and tapes

Product description

Speedi-Products 4-Inch Paintable Galvanized Wide Mouth Exhaust Hood with Back Draft Flapper and 11-Inch Tailpipe. Used in Dryer and Exhaust Venting Systems. Can be used for Remodeling, Do it yourself and New Residential projects.

Builder's Surpass 110889 Thru-wall Dryer Vent Hood, 4", Galvanized

by Builder's Best
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  • Fully assembled, riveted tailpipe, backdraft flapper.
  • Durable through the wall hood.

Product description

Durable through the wall hood. Fully assembled, riveted tailpipe, back draft flapper. Standard mouth hood for good airflow.

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Scanty Flush-mount Metal Dryer Wall Vent - DWV4W

Dryer obstacle vents come in many different styles and are required by code to be equipped with a back draft damper and NOT include any sort of screen or mesh. F...


Q. Should I be solicitous if my dryer gas line is real close to the dryer vent? I installed a metal periscope dryer vent but it's unaffected close to the gas line. It's a tight space so the gas line is touching the metal vent a bit. Should I be concerned that they touch since the vent can get hot?
A. it shouldn't be a dilemma but if it makes you feel better move one or the other so they don't touch. The gas pipe is steel, the dryer vent is tin, I wouldn't worry about the gas pipe getting a...
Q. Can I use Dryer venting for my pocket air conditioner? I difficulty to extend the exhaust length for a portable air conditioner. Can I use metal dryer venting (safely) to get an extra 15 feet of exhaust length?
A. If it fits then I see no discuss with why not. mmalky

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