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Man pleads penitent to putting Bangor toddler in dryer - Press Herald

Authorities say the 27-year-old Morton was winning care of the boy in August while his girlfriend was at work. According to court documents, the boy suffered second-degree burns on his arms and back and burns and blisters on his feet. Morton told the long arm of the law the boy was in the dryer’s drum for just one revolution, but investigators determined that the boy was in the dryer for a prolonged period.

Source: www.pressherald.com

The Laundry Additional Nina Soft Spin Dryer, Ventless Portable Electric Dryer. 3 Year Warranty, 127V, 60 Hz

by The Laundry Alternative
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  • • Save time and money doing your laundry
  • • 110V apartment spin dryer, handles 12 lbs of clothes
  • • Important note: Zip ties and metal motor lock at the bottom of the unit must be removed for it to work

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"Tired Of Lugging Your Laundry To The Dirty Laundromat? Sick Of Waiting So Long For Your Clothes To Dry? With Your Portable Electric Clothes Dryer, Enjoy Dry Clothes In Just 2-5 Minutes And For 200X Cheaper!"

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Ready to dry your clothes right from your apartment, RV, hotel room, or boat? Done with the laundromat scene? Want to save 200X the energy costs of a regular dryer? With our high quality 110v portable spin dryer, you'll have your clothes 90% dry in just 2-5 minutes! Just hang them up after as you normally would and they'll be 100% dry by morning. Plus, it's MUCH gentler on your clothes than conventional methods. This truly is the best portable dryer you can find online. You're going to wish you would have made the switch years ago.

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Softeez Microfiber Whisker Towel - Super Absorbent Anti Frizz Travel Towel - Great for Wrap/Turban - Fast & Quick Fraction Drying Time 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE - 27x55 inches

by YBR
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  • LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT AND DURABLE: All our products are manufactured for daily use to help YOU get Luxurious Hair and Reduce Frizz caused by blow-drying. This towel makes a Perfect Gift for Kids and Adults of all ages.
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Softeez® Microfiber Hair Towels - the fastest, easiest and healthiest way to dry your hair GUARANTEED


We are confident that our towels are the softest, most absorbent available and that you'll absolutely love them. That's why we are The only company that offers YOU a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Softeez® is softest towel on the market - using a Microfiber synthetic blend that is finer than one denier means that Softeez® have a Unique Softness to them that Gives You that Ultra Luxurious Feeling. Softeez® is the most absorbent towel available - we use a conjugation of polyester, polyamide and polypropylene which is smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk. We then weave millions of these strands together in an exclusive process and that is how Softeez® Towels are Ultra Absorbent yet Lightweight and Compact.

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Q. What would you expect about a microwave clothes dryer? I would of in today's time that they would of come up with a faster drying clothes dryer. The technology hasn't changed much. How would you like it to be improved to better suit your drying needs? Paul N - I don't see how that would dry...
A. I don't cognizant of how dehumidifiers work. I know they take moisture out of the air. I think that some hybrid of a dehumidifier & a high pressure vacuum extraction pattern could remove a lot of the...

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