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TCBunny® (2 Assemblage) Heavy Duty Commercial 1800 Watts High Speed 90m/s Automatic Hot Hand Dryer - Stainless Steel

by TCBunny
Price: $199.99
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  • 1 year warranty
  • High speed: 90m/s. Air temperature: 45-60℃.
  • Stainless Steel Shell. Wall-mounted installation

Product description

An economical and environmentally friendly way to dry your hands. It uses 650W for engine power and 1150W for heating element, which is 50% more energy efficient than general hand dryers. The powerful wind will dry your hands in just 10 to 12 seconds, which is much faster than conventional dryers. The dryer is also activated automatically when you place your hands underneath it, and also stops when you move your hands away, thus saving you money and protecting the environment. The shell is made from stainless steel to give it an elegant yet resilient finish. In addition, the dryer is fitted with a chip controlled technology and infrared sensor circuit to ensure exceptional performance. It also features an auto-stop, function for added safety, if hands are not removed after 60 seconds.
The dryer is perfect for use in hotels, office buildings, restaurants, hospitals, gyms, and malls.

One year warranty.

Tek Shifting Premium Quality Heavy Duty 1800w Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryer Durable

by Tek Motion
Price: $108.99
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  • Powerful, high speed 1800 Watts hand dryer -- Dries hands within 10-12 seconds
  • Elegant and sleek design --Brushed stainless steel cover for protection against rust, wear and tear, chips and damage.
  • Noise reduction nozzle--Operates at 70 to 72 decibels

Product description

This elegant stainless steel motion activated hand dryer is an energy efficient, eco-friendly, and time saving machine. It is 50% more energy efficient than the typical hand dryer, while it's power allows it to dry hands within 10-12 seconds (half the time of a regular hand dryer). Being motion activated allows it to be extremely sanitary.

Package Includes:
1x Stainless Automatic Hand Dryer
1x Installation Manual

Power Supply: 110V/60HZ
Power Capacity: 1800W
Air Flow: 75CBM/H
Air Velocity: 200 mph
Sensing Distance: 5 ± 1 inch (adjustable)
Hand Drying Time: 10-12 seconds
Waterproof Grade: IPX1
One-time Use Period: Less than or equal to 60 seconds
Temperature Control Cut-off: 125 degrees
Thermal Air Temperature: 95-149°F
Air Temperature: 113-149°F/45-65°C
Operates at 70 to 72 dB± (decibels)
Product Dimension: 12x6.75x12inches
Package Dimension: 18x14x12inches
Gross weight: 14lbs
Air outlet diameter: 1 inch

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Bathroom Expedition: Crappy toilet with awesome hand dryer at Rack room Shoes Virginia Beach

this is a easy on the eyes lousy toilet. but i love the dryer.


Q. Do you reflect on home hand dryers are a lucrative investment? The hand dryers in Mr bathrooms are now available for home use, is this something that will sell, or will it tank?
A. Tank. Keep one's eyes open for people in restrooms with hand dryers. They're so annoying that people would rather not wash or will wipe their hands on their pants to not use the hand dryers. The point of hand...
Q. Can you give some spellbinding reasons for pet peeve essay? I am penmanship a persuasive essay on my pet peeve of hand dryers in the restroom. I need three reasons and then evidence to back it up. I am asking you for three interesting reasons. That's all. Thank you.
A. Germs MAY still be tip if someone touches it, or does something foul. - People may wash theirr hair (or other body parts) in the public sinks, and likeewise, dry their locks/body parts using the...

Books and Magazines

Published by NYU Press 2010
ISBN 0814761208,9780814761205
328 pages
Because of "Public Restrooms": A Photo Gallery in The Atlantic Monthly. So much happens in the public toilet that we never talk about. Finding the right door, waiting in get hold of, and using the facilities are often undertaken with trepidation. Don't touch anything. Try not to smell. Avoid eye contact. And for men, don't look down or let your eyes stray. Even washing one's hands are tied to anxieties of loathing and humiliation. And yet other things also happen in these spaces: babies are changed, conversations are had, make-up is applied, and notes are scrawled for posterity. Beyond these privileged issues, there are also real public concerns: problems of public access, ecological waste, and—in many parts of the world--sanitation crises. At communal events, why are women constantly waiting in long lines but not men? Where do the homeless go when cities decide to close public sites? Should bathrooms fit standardized to accommodate the disabled? Is it possible to create a unisex bathroom for transgendered people? In Toilet, noted sociologist Harvey Molotch and Laura Norén perform together twelve essays by urbanists, historians and cultural analysts (among others) to shed light on the public restroom. These noted scholars advance an assessment of our historical and contemporary practices, showing us the intricate mechanisms through which even the physical design of restrooms—the configurations of stalls, the include of urinals, the placement of sinks, and the continuing segregation of women's and men's bathrooms—reflect and sustain our cultural attitudes towards gender, merit, and disability. Based on a broad range of conceptual, political, and down-to-earth viewpoints, the original essays in this volume show how the bathroom—as a field matter--reveals competing visions of pollution, danger and distinction. Although what happens in the toilet usually stays in the toilet, this brilliant, revelatory, and in many cases funny book aims to bring it all out into the open, proving that profound and meaningful history can be made even in the can. Contributors: Ruth Barcan, Irus Braverman, Mary Ann Prove, Olga Gershenson, Clara Greed, Zena Kamash,Terry Kogan, Harvey Molotch, Laura Norén, Barbara Penner, Brian Reynolds, and David Serlin.

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