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Munich. “I cannot see any situation in which an improved equipment of the Ukrainian army leads to a situation where President Putin is so impressed that he will lose militarily,” the German chancellor bluntly told an audience of.

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simplehuman Rectangular Agreement with Trash Can, Stainless Steel, Plastic Lid, 38 L / 10 Gal

by simplehuman Housewares
Price: $99.99
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  • Internal hinge allows for placement right up against the wall
  • Dent-proof plastic lid
  • Available custom fit liners for a perfect fit - Code J

Product description

The simplehuman rectangular step can is designed for superior durability and strength with patented lid shox(R) technology and a durable, all steel pedal. The space-efficient shape and internal hinge allow this can to fit in tight corners or close against the wall.

iTouchless Deodorizer Ineluctable Sensor Touchless Trash Can, 49 Liter / 13 Gallon, Stainless Steel

by iTouchless
List price: $59.96
Price: $59.94
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  • No-touch lid operation with deodorizer is healthier and more convenient. Perfect for the home, office, schools, care facilities, etc.
  • Antimicrobial, fingerprint-proof, and easy to clean stainless steel finish
  • Powered by: 4 D size batteries (not included) last up to one year, or optional AC Adapter (sold separately)

Product description

Don't just mask smelly garbage odors with fragrances and messy baking soda; eliminate them. The upgraded DZT13 is now equipped with a Carbon Filter Gate (CFG) that uses activated carbon to effectively eliminate and neutralize the toughest odors. Smelly and oversized garbage doesn't stand a chance with the upgraded 13 gallon Touchless Trash Can. Its extra wide opening (11.75 diagonal) allows disposal of larger debris and comes equipped with the most advanced infrared sensor technology on the market; opening the lid automatically when you approach within 6 inches, and closing it when you walk away. Thanks to the automatic lid closing system, the built-in carbon filter can work its magic; eliminating and neutralize nasty odors effectively. The pre-installed Carbon Filter Gate (CFG) has a 3-dimensional surface area, maximizing the deodorizer's odor-absorption capabilities. The deodorizer is non-scented and environmental friendly, making it safe for use around children and pets, providing you with a cleaner and fresher home. The deodorizer can fight odors for 3 months before needing replacement.

Once you've tried the iTouchless Touchless Trashcan, you will never go back to the traditional or step-on trash can again. After all, your trashcan is your most-used everyday "appliance," so why not make it easier, more pleasant, and a lot less messy to use?

iTouchless trashcan opens and closes without touching the bin. View larger.
About the Touchless Trashcan
The 13-gallon, brushed stainless steel Touchless Trashcan is a patented product that's already widely recognized in Europe. Thousands have been sold on infomercials, QVC, and HSN home shopping channels. It also won the 2002 Invention Show, New Household Product Award. It is a 100 percent hands-free operated, wireless, lidded waste disposal system. The built-in Artificial Intelligent (AI) Smart-Chip knows when you need to open trash can, and it does all the openings and closings for you so you don't have to touch or step on anything.

How it Works
The Touchless Trashcan uses patented, invisible, and harmless infrared technology. Simply place your hand or debris about six inches away from the infrared sensor near the lid. It will open instantly when you approach and will close automatically in three seconds after debris has been released and your hand moves away. The lid will remain open if debris or your hand is within the 6-inch range of the infrared sensor. There are two buttons on the front to open and close the lid manually, and a easy to reach on/off switch on the back of the trashcan.

The Benefits of the Touchless Trashcan
This trashcan creates a germ free, odor free, automated environment. It keeps your hands clean while you are cooking or playing with your children. It also helps prevent contamination, which reduces the threat of certain illnesses and infections. Because the trashcan turns an ordinary chore into something fun, your kids will have fun throwing the trash away for you. In addition, the Touchless Trashcan outlasts most of the step-on and hand-touch cans. If you can't touch it, you can't break it! These cans have been opened 100,000 times in laboratory tests, and they're still going strong. In fact, if you open your can 20 times a day, it can last over 10 years. This could actually be the last trashcan you ever buy, which will save you money, mess, and time.

Professionals recognize Touchless Trashcan as the next generation of waste receptacles. Its non-touch hygienic features meet the immediate needs in healthcare facilities and elderly homes. The new SilenX technology makes the closing of the lid even quieter while the "eagle eye" water-resistant sensor features reliable point-n-lock beam technology. In addition, the special energy saving design of Touchless Trashcan enables its four "D" size heavy duty batteries to support up to 10,000 consecutive openings and closings, or more than one year of use in non-frequent circumstances. There's also never a "fallen bag" problem with the Touchless Trashcan. The specially designed garbage bag retainer ring tightly holds the edges of the bag to prevent it from falling, and it seals the odors inside. You can use regular plastic garbage bags or even grocery bags, so there's no need to buy special garbage bags which many high-end garbage cans require.

The Touchless Trashcan will improve the look of your kitchen, giving it an ultra-modern look and feel. It comes with one year limited manufacturer's warranty and a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee.

What's in the Box
iTouchless touchless trashcan and garbage bag retainer ring.

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A. Here, http://seerch.com/type/1448/Kitchen-Garbage-Bags/ you may order as many kitchen garbage bags as you need.
Q. What is the best merchandise to clean Your kitchen garbage can with to get rid of the odors? How many times do You clean Your kitchen garbage can or do You do it everytime You change a bag?
A. I bath my garbage every other week with pine sol. You can buy it at the grocery store and it comes in different fragrances that will make your garbage can smell nice. You can also get those stick...

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Treats, Monkey business, Love
Treats, Monkey business, Love
Published by Macmillan 2008
ISBN 1429994088,9781429994088
336 pages
Treats, Lightly, Love is the collected wisdom of Patricia G. Burnham, the author of the highly successful Playtraining Your Dog, which has been in print for more than twenty-five years. Now, after fifty years in the affair, she brings to this new book a focus on food training your dog with small treats, while still incorporating fun and games into teaching basic and advanced obedience. Burnham uses no forceful training or punishment for incorrect or unwanted behaviors (such as barking, biting, urinating inside, or begging), but rather offers rewards for comme il faut behavior, thus reinforcing it. Topics covered include: · Basic obedience training for puppies (exercises for sit, down, heel, and block) · House manners for older puppies and adult dogs (no whining or barking) · Recipes for tasty dog treats that your four-legged benefactor will do anything for · Understanding your dog’s personality · Preventing dog bites · Dealing with shy or fearful dogs · Advice and exercises for training and showing a dog in obedience trials in probationer class, open class, and utility class · Reflections on the end of your dog’s life There are more than 100 photos and line drawings throughout the book to illustrate movements and exercises, and for owners who be to show their dogs, there are detailed descriptions of what they can expect once they enter the ring. Although Burnham works almost exclusively with greyhounds (which are notoriously intractable to train), her wisdom and expertise apply to all breeds, and her warmth, sound advice, and personal tone make Treats, Play, Dear one a joy to use.

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