Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

EZ-Whirl Dryer Vent Box - Recessed Hookup Venting Kit For Flex Hose Connector - Prevent Kinked Hose & Fire Hazards - Give a new lease of Clothes Dryer Appliance Efficiency - Inset Dryer Exhaust Box Is Easy to Retrofit In Existing Home & New Construction.

by Technology Design LLC
Price: $41.50
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  • Durable White Plastic With Aluminium Duct
  • Saves Space - Improves Dryer Efficiency
  • Allows you to push your Dryer Flush Against The Wall

Product description

EZ-Flow Dryer Vent Box is a simple, creative, space-saving receptacle that is mounted within th ewall behind your clothes dryer. No more smashed, twisted or kinked hose winding along the floor. This tub neatly stores the flex-transition hose that connects the dryer exhaust to the outside venting system.

Installing the EZ-Flow Dryer Vent system is simple. By using EZ-Flow you allow the dryer to be flush to the wall. It can easily be installed by a contractor or home owner. Other Dryer vent systems can be difficult to install but our patented system makes is simple for a variety of different installation needs. You can Install it simply by cutting the drywall a little larger than the rear box, then you attach the face plate which will fit over the cut that you made. Next simply attach the hose to the vent and then your done. You can watch a video showing this process on by going here to our learn more about dryer vent systems page. It can also be easily installed during new construction by attaching the dryer venting system to the existing 2x4's. Once installed the EZ-Flow system gives a very clean and finished appearance to your laundry room .

Daixers 5FT Washer Washing Motor car Water Inlet Hose Pipe Tube

by Daixers
Price: $11.99
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  • Material : rubber, plastic, metal;main Color : white
  • Package Content : 1 x washing machine inlet pipe
  • Length : 1.5M/5FT

Product description

Note: please measure the size of your tap and washing machine connector to make sure that this one is suitable for you.

Features non-toxic, high pressure, resistance to corrosion and tension, flexible, and long service life. Suits both the hot and cold inlets on a majority of washing machines.

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Q. How to be a connection to a gas/electric dryer? I am tough to connect my gas/electric dryer to a gas tank. I wonder if it is possible to have two separate connections (two tanks), one for the stove and one for the dryer. I will appreciate any suggestions.
A. Presuming you purchased a " Propane" dryer ( real gas model will NOT work) then the main considerations are the flow ratings of the tank regulator. The dryer will require more flow than a stove...
Q. Why would my stamp new gas dryer start smoking when I turned it on? I bought a type new gas dryer and connected it. When I turned it on I heard it ignite and it got hot. When I turned it off I noticed smoke coming out of it. I opened the door and saw some smoke and it smelled like it was blazing. This was the...
A. unless its on intensity dont worry anything new is gona burn off some grease and dirt for the manufactering... run it again untill it stops...throw in a few old towles or blankets so it has something to do

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How to Connect a Gas Dryer - Ask.com To connect your gas dryer connect the mofette and the gas supply pipe to the dryer. After tightening the pipe open the shutoff valve and test out the dryer.

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How to Connect a Dryer | eHow How to Connect a Dryer. ... If you have a gas dryer, colour sure the gas is off at the line near the dryer hookup. Wrap sealant tape on the threads.

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