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Welcome to a weekly subdivide called "Social Circle. " It's a group effort between readers, social networkers and the OnMilwaukee. com editors. Every Monday, we ask a into question via Facebook and Twitter and then post the responses from our Facebook "likers" and Twitter followers in this column. Well-known Milwaukee movers and shakers will supply add to, too. Now that the leaves are falling, the controversial leaf blower becomes a relevant topic once again as well as the subject of this week's Common Circle question. com asked the group if they found the leaf blower – which for the record is banned in 20 California cities due to pandemonium pollution – to be obnoxious or effective and, as usual, the responses were all over the place from "I hate them with a burning... But what do you think about leaf blowers. Give us your two cents via the Talkback attribute. Jill Albers: "Leaf blowers destroy beautiful fall days. Arenas: "How would I dry my hair. Debbie Baran: "Yearn live the rake. David Begel: "I don't understand why so many women are even attracted to leaves. Hate those suckers. Pat Buechs: "Only use pit to clean out the roof gutters. A threat to the environment, however, and need to get over my laziness. Denise Cawley: "I find mine wildly addicting. Forthright Datzer: "I use it for a broom in the garage and patio, not so much for blowing leaves. Steph Davies: "I have a friend in California who did a whole series of calling on leaf blowers ("'Leaf' it alone") I didn't get it at first. Then one day I heard this sound like someone was using a vacuum cleaner skin and I looked out the window to see someone essentially doing just that, all plugged in blowing leaves off their lawn and thought to myself, 'Yeah man, leave those... Kay Erickson Ehlers : "Nonsensical and obnoxious. Jeff Fortin: "Great for everything except moving leaves. I use mine to sweep the sidewalk, driveway, deck and patio and it makes a tremendous motorcycle dryer. Matthew John George: "A waste of energy and resources for the 'stupid white man' which is a quote from the movie 'Unconcerned Man. Amy Gray: "Brooms and rakes are better because you can hear the birds and practicing football teams in the background, and it's hard to manoeuvre Quidditch on a leaf blower. Watch someone blow leaves for an hour, and then watch nature blow all of the leaves reason back where they were. Mother Nature always wins. Our grandparents raked. why are we better than physical activity. Plus, jumping in the leaves after is valuable. Jeff Kilsdonk: "I don't necessarily hate them, but I do hate how people use them sometimes. I like the leaf vacuums better, myself, but the bag gets deep down heavy. I don't own anything but a rake, though. Mike Koppa: "Obnoxious. Dan Krass: "Leaf blowers are great. You can't hold a sundowner and rake at the same time. Yes, but so are airplanes, lawn mowers, weed whackers, boats, motorcycles, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, grub processors, loud music. I rake/sweep when I can and blow/vacuum when I need to. I highly recommend the back pack blower.

Source: onmilwaukee.com

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Gh2276- replacement comb for gh3202 and gh2275. Fits for gold 'n hot 1600 watt dryer system (gh3202). Fits gold 'n hot 1875 watt styler dryer (gh2275). Replacement comb.

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Professional styler dryer with maximum power and minimum weight. 3 Styling attachments: 1 brush, 1 wide-tooth comd and 1 fine-tooth comb.

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