Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

Bonakemi 710013273 Hardwood Floor Attend to System

  • $48.48
    Home & Outdoor

Microfiber Mop with 60 telescoping handle and amicable to maneuver swivel head. Includes the Microfiber Cleaning Pad made from the original STARFIBER microfiber. Microfiber Dusting Pad made from STARFIBER microfiber. This pads electrostatic sortie picks up pet hair, dust and microparticles. Microfiber Floor Cleaning Cloth for spot cleaning. 32 oz. Swedish Procedure Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a waterborne, pH neutral, non-toxic, specially designed cleaner for all polyurethane finished wood floors. Leave no dulling dregs. 32 oz Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Refresher is a waterborne polyurethane maintenance coating to restore the shine and luster of tedious and scratched floors. Applies easily with the Microfiber Applicator Pad included.