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Dee Zee DZTBTRAY1 Stooge Box Tray; Tool Box Service Part

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Dupe Box Tray Tool Box Tray Tool Box Service Part Tool Box Tray Tool Box Service Part; Exemplar Width For Blue/Red Label; 18 in. x 15.5 in.; FEATURES: Designed For Standard Crossover Tool Boxes Sombre Duty Plastic Construction Molded Tabs On Tool Box Edges 10 lb. Capacity LIFE should not be a hassle. Dee Zee strives to submit products that make your truck or SUV fit the way you live your LIFE. Our steps (Running Boards and Nerf Steps) make it easier to get in and out of your channel. Our Tool Boxes give you extra lockable storage, and our Floor Mats help keep your carpet cleaner. Personalize your vehicle to fit your needs and your Biography. Dee Zee is here to Add More LIFE to Your Truck. Innovation is under the roof at Dee Zee. With various facilities to house robotics, various machines and to accommodate building processes, Dee Zee is equip to set trends in the market. From tool and die, stamping, production and finishing processes, Dee Zee has the technology to cut costs and accustom to the market needs. How can Dee Zee processes help your business? Dee Zee was among the first to offer factory controlled powder-film protection to their aluminum products. Whether the coating is clear or black, the powder-coat finish prevents oxidation on the bodily and guarantees the ease of soap and water cleaning. Dee Zee has the ability to put some materials through an in-house vacuum metallization dispose of. A very thin layer of metal is applied to the desired surface to produce a brilliant shine. Dee Zee uses this approach primarily on racing wheels, but can be used on several types of products due to the range of colors it can produce. When Dee Zee is in need of a new machine or die, they don't have to look far. Dee Zee operates Weapon and Die facility to produce in-house machines, CNC machining programs, and die castings. Dee Zee also operates a stamping facility with various presses to assemble complex die stampings. The uses of robotics in Dee Zee facilities prov