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Feather's Miracle, Pet Carpet Shampoo

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Save up your carpets and upholstery looking and smelling fresh andclean with this low-foaming shampoo. Designed for use with yoursteam or carpet cleaner, the formula gets into your carpet fibersand upholstery to ice old and new stains, odors and allergensfor lasting freshness. You and your family love your furry friend, but having a pet can be tough on your current in's carpets and furniture. Keep your upholstery and carpets looking and smelling fresh andclean with this NATURE'S MIRACLE Crafty Cleaning Stain & OdorRemover Carpet Shampoo. Featuring a low-foaming, professional-strength formula, this shampoo can be used alone orwith a steam or carpet cleaner to bore into deep into carpet fibersand upholstery to remove old and new stains, odors and allergens. Low-foaming, professional-strength formula is designed for usewith hardly any manufacturer's water-based rug cleaning machine(machine not included) Penetrates deep into carpet fibers and upholstery to get rid of newand old stains, odors and allergens for long-lasting freshness Can be used alone or with your steam or carpet cleaner Vacuum field thoroughly Test for colorfastness on a small, inconspicuous area; examinewhen dry; if color is affected, do not use Not recommended for use on velvet, silk, vinyl, leatherupholstery or 100% cotton upholstery Joggle bottle well Use shampoo according to machine instructions Clean carpet and upholstery following machine user's guide Ingredients: Water, Fundamental Odor Control Agents, Cleaning Agents (Low-FoamingSurfactants), Bio-Enzymatic Spores, Fragrance Caution: In case of eye communication, immediately flush eyes with water for 15minutes. Contact a physician. Prolonged skin contact may cause skinirritation. Do not seek directly on animal. Keep out of reach ofchildren. 64 fl oz