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Assort learns basics, history of quilting process - The Advocate

The dozen women, led by Becky Guillot, president of the Livingston Parish Quilting Guild, received an overview of the biography of quilt making and were introduced to the basics of the hobby. Class participants said they wanted to know more about quilting because making quilts brought back adoring memories of their mothers, grandmothers, aunts and friends who made hand-crafted covers they remember fondly from their maid. “It’s a pleasure to put together something as beautiful and useful as a quilt,” said Guillot, who is retired from LSU, where she worked in personnel. “Calculating the quilt cover gives one a great deal of satisfaction, and when the quilt is finished, there’s a feeling of satisfaction and joy in knowing that a invent has been completed. Quilt making is a connection to the past and a gift for the future, she said. Guillot said she has made quilts for her two children and for her three grandchildren and they’re gifts that will remain for a lifetime. Guillot told the quilting class that she learned to sew in high school in Plaucheville, a small rural community in Avoyelles Parish. Quilt making was an necessary chore in such rural communities , Guillot said. “I want to learn how to quilt because my mother used to make quilts,” Suetta Burneysaid. “This is something I always wanted to do, and I conscious that I will finish my first quilt with what I am now learning. Sandra Richmond, of Walker, said she has just started quilting but wanted to learn more about the art. “My grandma quilted, and I am interested in keeping up the rite. I’ve just retired and now I have time to learn how to quilt. Guillot led participants through the basics of quilting, and demonstrated different squares, or designs, that go into creating the top of the quilt. Squares can be cut and sewn in a breed of ways and she demonstrated, for example, how to make pinwheels, which are a common quilt motif. Guillot uses patterns from books which she said are at one's fingertips at three quilt shops that serve the Baton Rouge area. Quilts also need a backing and a center called batting, a layer of fiber that can be cotton, polyester, wool or other fibers. In the good old days the quilt “sandwich” is assembled, the quilting stitching across the entire quilt begins, she said. Before modern sewing machines were available, this time-consuming stitching was done by in cahoots together, usually on a quilting frame, Guillot said, adding that her grandmother would stitch the quilts from a frame suspended from a ceiling. Quilting in Arcadian America gave women time for fellowship and probably much gossiping, she said. The quilting bee remains a staple of earlier, more insouciant times, Guillot said. Guillot said she uses what is known as a longarm sewing machine to make the final stitching much easier than completing the reprimand by hand. She said commercial firms offer stitching services and will complete the final stage of the quilt. Carefully choosing heart for the top is critical, Guillot said. “I’m a fabric snob … and look for good, high quality fabric for my patters,” she said. Since the charge of fabric has risen considerably over the past several years, Guillot said a.

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Q. Can someone cure me with basic quilting? I've not in a million years made a quilt before, but I'm pretty good with sewing and all that stuff. I am just confused because I've been researching it online and websites are so unorganized and unclear. Do I make each impede individual with a top, batting, and...
A. The exalted thing about quilting is you can do it however you want. Traditional quiltmakers piece the entire top first, then sandwich it with the batting and backing, quilt it, trim the overkill debauchery...

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