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Googly-Eyed Santas, Discourteous Frogs, and Other Adventures in Beer Label Censorship - Reason (blog)

Action has rejected a beer label for the King of Hearts , which had a playing card image on it, because the heart implied that the beer would have a robustness benefit. He rejected a beer label featuring a painting called The Conversion of Paula By Saint Jerome because its celebrity, St. Paula's Liquid Wisdom, contained a medical claim—that the beer would grant wisdom. He rejected a beer called Pickled Santa because Santa's eyes were too "googly" on the call, and labels cannot advertise the physical effects of alcohol. He rejected a beer called Bad Elf because it featured an "Elf Warning," suggesting that elves not control toy-making machinery while drinking the ale. The label was not approved on the grounds that the warning was confusing to consumers. As I reported back in 1994, when beer labels were overseen by the Chest of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF), this sort of thing has been going on for many years. One of my main examples was Agree to's Scottish Ale, a Washington beer that briefly came in six-packs labeled with nutritional information. Federal alcohol regulations stop false or misleading claims about "curative or therapeutic effects," and the BATF cited a 1954 regulatory interpretation concluding that "any referral to vitamin content in the advertising of malt beverages would... It suddenly decided that Grant's Spiced Ale, a seemingly straightforward notability that the brewery had used for years, was "frivolous. " Meanwhile, it gave a pass to far less descriptive names such as Labatt's Unhappy (which is not blue), Pete's Wicked Ale (which is not malevolent), and Blackened Voodoo (which is not seared, spiced, or magical). The arbitrary power wielded by federal liquor regulators stems from vague, subjective rules such as the ban on misleading claims and the ban on references to psychoactive effects (a rule that did in The Kronik, a beer that California's Lagunitas... it is now called, becomingly enough, Censored Ale ). There is also a rule against "obscene or indecent" representations, which the BATF invoked in 1986 to force the redesign of an Italian wine identify as featuring an etching of a winged woman whose... Worse, brewers (and manufacturers of other alcoholic beverages) have to administer with this sort of nonsense at the state level as well. In 1998 the U. S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit rebuked the New York Allege Liquor Authority for trying to ban Bad Frog beer , which regulators did not like because its namesake amphibian was depicted on the label "with the assistant of its... " For years the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) enforced a bizarre, inaccurate nomenclature for beer labels, m malt beverages "beer" if they contained up to 4 percent alcohol by volume and "ale" if they were stronger than that. Meanwhile, it banned words that it deemed references to serious content, going so far as to instruct Austin's Jester King Brewery that it could not call its strong ale (the name of a beer category) "strong. " Those rules were overturned by a federal judge on First Amendment grounds in 2011. That decision, by U. S. Locality Judge Sam Sparks, featured this memorable passage: TABC's argument, combined with artful legislative drafting, could be hand-me-down to...

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Rubbermaid RM5H9601 Wheeled Trash/Trash Can with Handle, 32-Gallon, Black, 2-Pack

by Rubbermaid
Price: $59.26
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  • 33-inch h by 20-3/4-inch w by 21-3/4-inch l
  • Use for trash, lawn and garden disposal, pet food storage
  • Comes with lid to secure load

Product description

From a brand you can trust, Rubbermaid, our blow-molded trash cans are built to last and last and last. These 32-gallon trash cans by Rubbermaid have skate wheels for easy transport to the curb or between projects. Trash cans have multiple uses besides garbage disposal, you can also use these cans for lawn and garden rubbish, seed and chemical storage, or as containers for your pet food. Constructed of durable polypropylene and comes with a lid. Capacity is 32-gallons each. Item number RM5H9601.

Rubbermaid 1793963 32 Gallon Coal-black Non Wheeled Roughneck® Trash Can

by Rubbermaid Inc
List price: $73.00
Price: $50.00
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Product description

This trash can has a bag cinch that holds the can liner bag in place so it will not collapse into the can. A lid tether allows you to attach the lid to the base of the can to reduce the likelihood of losing the lid. The improved durability of the base allows you to drag the can further. Bag cinch holds can liner bag in place so it won't collapse into the can. Built in tether holes allow the lid to tie to the base. Improved durability of the base so you can drag it further. Snap fit lid. Easy grip handles.

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Lug Update 4/28/10

Far-sighted questions for you all. Should i toss the broken green roto for a newer first generation roto? in black? So here is the current collection. It grew stop...


Q. Where do I buy a humiliated 10, 15 or 20 gallon wheeled trash can? We have a 32 gallon wheeled Rubbermaid trash can which is to a great extent convenient but just to big for me. My waste company told me I could go wth a 10, 15 or 20 gallon instead. I was looking into these sizes to make up my mind but only found a Rubbermaid...
A. Competent in Depot or Wal-mart will have something for your needs

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The Homebuilt Winery
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