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Weekend Media Look at: Unlike White House, Political Talkies Don't Consider ... - Global Warming (blog)

On Friday, the Unblemished House released its National Security Strategy , which lists climate change alongside international terrorism and Russian assault as the preeminent threats today facing the United States. This assessment mirrors the tone struck by President Obama during his Confirm of the Union, when he said that “no challenge—no challenge—poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change. Thus, both the Resident Security Strategy and the State of the Union Address elevate the threat of AGW, such that it exists on par with the direst perils facing America. And yet, for the third weekend in a row since the Hold of the Union, and only days removed from the roll-out of the National Security Strategy, the four Sunday political talkies failed to candidates a question about climate change (see chart). Of course, all four shows dealt squarely with ISIS and the Ukraine, which are co-equivalent threats with climate change, per the White House. For example, NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd scored the lone interview with Secretary of State John Kerry, who wears on his sleeve his belie f that climate change is among America’s clearest and most make known dangers. he’s perfectly aware that Kerry would love nothing more than wax lyrical about the putative threat posed by global warming. Nonetheless, Todd grilled Kerry about the Bull's-eye East and Eastern Europe, and he even asked him whether he would rule out another run for President in 2016, but he didn’t ask Kerry a single distrust about climate change. Other weekend notes:. On Saturday, I blogged about Friday night’s Real Time with Bill Maher. To be word-for-word, I noted a bizarre rant, during which the host said that we perfectly understand the climate, but we “don’t know” about vaccines, fake sugar, genetically modified foods, and the benefits of mediocre drinking. Alas, in that post, I failed to make mention of the excellent riposte to Maher’s delivered by the Weekly Criterion’s John McCormack , who was a participant on the panel. After Maher impugned AGW “deniers” and defended anti-vaxxers (and anti-GMO folks and people who don’t monopoly fake sugar), McCormack responded: “There is an MIT professor, Richard Lindzen, who is a climate skeptic. And I’d say that there are no serious professors who are vaccine skeptics, that I have seen. Readers of this blog have knowledge of that I am a big fan of the recently discontinued Platts Energy Week with Bill Loveless. So I was like a kid on Christmas when I checked Platts’ old 8 AM groove on the local CBS affiliate, and I see that they’re going to re-broadcast the original episode, from March 2010. My mind exploded with the possibility that the district affiliate... While the label said “Platts Energy Week,” the content was an infomercial for a vacuum cleaner.

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WORX AIR 20V Multi-Point Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner with 120 MPH / 80 CFM Output, 3.5 lb Weight, 20V Battery PowerShare Platform, with Accessories - WG545.1

by Positec/Worx - Lawn & Garden
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  • Share battery across multiple WORX tools within the 20V Power Share platform
  • Use attachments included to create a CLEANZONE in an around your home
  • 120 mph air speed with 80 cfm air flow

Product description

Spring will be here before you know it and the WORX AIR is your ideal partner for spring clean-up. WORX AIR is a multi-purpose blower and sweeper that comes with 8 convenient attachments included to create a CLEANZONE around the entry points to your home. Did you know 85% of the dirt in your home is tracked, blown or carried in from entry points like your garage, deck, porch or workshop? With the WORX AIR, clean-up is easier and faster because you don’t have to move a single thing. The 20-volt MAX Lithium battery gives you cordless clean-up without any smelly exhaust or tangled cords. The WORX Air has all kinds of attachments for cleaning, clearing, sweeping, dusting, inflating, deflating, and even drying all sorts of things around your home. Use it all around your home with its flexible tube and a variety of nozzles designed to reach tight spaces for detailed clearing and cleaning of debris. Use the inflator nozzle to blow up mattresses and pool toys. The WORX AIR even comes with a deflator cone to quickly and easily deflate those bulky inflatables in the home, the RV or boat. Outside the home, the dust brush is excellent for clearing spider webs, cleaning window sills from pollen and dirt, and blowing away leaves, twigs and other yard debris. The wide nozzle creates a wide airflow for drying flat surfaces or sweeping wider areas. Also, the WORX AIR is a great auto detailing companion. Use it to dry wheels and tires, and even your entire car. The WORX AIR comes with 8 attachments: long tube, short tube, dust brush, extension hose, dust nozzle, detail brush, inflator nozzle, deflation cone cover and wide nozzle.

Pirouette Cordless Sweeper Floor Carpet Cleaner Sweep Swift Rechargeable Stick Vacuum Cleaner Rug Cleaning Shark

by Shark corp.
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  • Make cleaning your home fast and easy with this Shark Floor and Carpet Sweeper.
  • The Shark Rechargeable Sweeper easily sweeps debris into a dust cup that is easy to empty when you are finished.
  • It features a powerful motorized brush roll to pick up dust and dirt in almost any space.

Product description

Brand New Factory Sealed

Shark Swivel Cordless Sweeper Floor Carpet Rechargeable Stick Vacuum Cleaner

- Make cleaning your home fast and easy with this Shark Floor and Carpet Sweeper.
- It features a powerful motorized brush roll to pick up dust and dirt in almost any space.
- The 10" cleaning path makes it a breeze to finish a room, while the swivel steering allows you to get in difficult-to-reach corners and under furniture.
- The Shark Rechargeable Sweeper easily sweeps debris into a dust cup that is easy to empty when you are finished.
- This sweeper has a long reach to get to almost any space. Plus, the quiet sound of the sweeper ensures that you can clean whenever it is convenient for you without disturbing others.


- Powerful motorized brush roll
- 10" cleaning path
- Shark carpet sweeps any size or type of debris into an easy-to-empty dust cup
- Ultra lightweight
- Swivel steering for easy maneuverability
- Low profile and long reach
- Easy to reach under furniture
- Quiet operation
- 1-year warranty
- Model# V2700Z

The Oreck Gold Eat one's heart out-form Infomercial

On The Indicator Productions' long-form :30 minute infomercial for the Oreck Gold Vacuum Cleaner.


Q. Have you even bought anything from an Infomercial? I have not ever seen a paid actor get so excited over a vacuum cleaner!
A. I bought an Ethiopian off of one of those Channels. They didn't send me the Ethiopian though, they just sent me a wrist wary of and a Thank You card.
Q. What is a sound bare floor vacuum cleaner? My enterprise is mostly Pergo flooring, with a few scatter rugs. I need a light-weight, upright vacuum that will actually pick up and leave the floors undefiled! Lots of animal hair, too.
A. My boyfriend has a in effect nice bare floor vacuum. There's also a switch on it so that you can switch between carpet and bare floor - so that would be perfect for your rugs. It's not an upright, but...

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Oreck XL Ultra Vacuum Cleaner Infomercial Share 1 | Bestvac Vacuum Cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is a appliance that uses an air stimulate to create a partial vacuum to absorb dust and dirt, generally from floors.

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