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Start the douse from work with Whirlpool's smart washer and dryer - Digital Trends

Who needs a tuned in washer and dryer. Anyone who wants to save money, according to Whirlpool. The company debuted its new connected appliances at CES 2015. Soon, consumers will be talented to buy the Smart Top Load Washer and Dryer and control the machines via an app on their phones. Whirlpool has been part of the Nest’s “Works with Nest” developer program (Aerie also announced a bunch of new partners at CES), and the washer and dryer are compatible with the smart thermostat. If your Nest gets the signal that you’re home, the washer can switch to a quieter fashion so you’re not disturbed. When you’re gone, the dryer can use the EcoBoost function. this lower temperature makes the cycle take longer, but if you’re not going to be proficient in for a while, who cares. Nest’s Rush Hour Rewards program cuts down on your power bill by only starting your washer or dryer when the drive demand is off-peak. The price of electricity rises during these “rush hours,” so it’s beneficial to delay your laundry until sought after decreases. (Unless you really, really need your lucky shirt tomorrow. If the dryer starts acting up, it walks you in all respects some steps to pinpoint the problem. it can still be used as you would any laundry appliance. The washer’s touchscreen looks different from a traditional one. Instead of break off knobs for selecting temperature and load size, there are different options under “What to wash” and “How to wash. Whether you’re doing delicates, whites, or a opposing load, you can then choose if you want a normal, quick, or cold cycle. Eventually, there will be downloadable cycles for specialized laundry needs. Request: Can we solicitation a “sterilization” cycle for the next time we have a houseguest with a cold. There’s no pricing available for the washer and dryer yet, but they’ll be available in spring 2015.

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LG Top Load Washer Dampen Level Pressure Switch

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LG Top Load Washer Lid Whip

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Eddy Washer

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LG POWER Team SPECIAL-Mega Capacity High Efficiency Top Load Laundry System with ELECTRIC Dryer *Pure White* (WT1701CW_DLEY1701W)

by LG
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  • Complete Laundry Set includes Mega Capacity Washer and Matching ELECTRIC Dryer
  • 7.3 CU FT ELECTRIC Dryer with Steam, and Sensor Dry Programs
  • 5.0 CU FT Top Load Washer with TurboWash, Wave Force, and Oxi-Sanitize Programs

Product description

Mega capacity, top load washer fits your biggest loads and your space • TurboWashTM allows you to save up to 20 minutes on larger loads, with outstanding cleaning performance • Troubleshoot quickly and efficiently with SmartDiagnosisTM • The LG SenseCleanTM system automatically sets the water level and wash time for each load • ColdWashTM technology provides warm-water cleaning performance with cold-water energy savings • Innovative WaveForceTM technology powerfully gets your fabrics exceptionally clean • The quiet and convenient SlamProofTM glass lid lets you view your wash without interrupting the cycle • Intuitive Dial-A-CycleTM controls and easy to read dual LED display indicators help you find the right setting every time • The NeveRustTM tub top-to-bottom stainless steel finish keeps clothes looking great, load after load

LG Tandem SPECIAL-Mega Capacity High Efficiency Top Load Laundry System *Graphite Steel* (WT1801HVA_DLEY1701V)

by LG
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  • 7.3 Cu Ft. Electric Dryer with Steam Options, and Sensor Dry Programs
  • 5.0 Cu Ft. Top Load Washer with 12 Wash Cycles, 15 Wash Options, Steam Cleaning, Allergieine Cleaning, TurboWash, and Sense Clean System
  • Complete Laundry Set Includes: Mega Capacity Washer, and Electric Dryer

Product description

This is a brand new Factory Fresh laundry Set, in Graphite Steel color. This offer includes the Washer, Electric dryer, and free curbside delivery.

Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping) Samsung Virtuous activewash Top-Load Washer $629.16
Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping) Samsung Platinum activewashandtrade; Top Load Steam Washer $1,105.95
Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping) LG 4.5 CU. FT. Ultra Gargantuan Capacity Top Load Washer with Front Control Design - 8 Mode(s) - Top Loading - 4.50 ft Washer Capacity - 1100 rpm - Dead white $708.74
Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping) LG 4.9 cu. ft. Mega Perspicacity High Efficiency Top Load Washer - 8 Mode(s) - Top Loading - 4.90 ft Washer Capacity - 1100 rpm - White $719.72

LG Top Load Washer & Dryer featuring Hydroshield

LG's newest top-load washer and dryer features clever and efficient technologies to better your laundry experience! With a water resistant control panel and u...


Q. Should I buy a fa load or top load washer and dryer? I can get a set of a Hotpoint top load washer and dryer for 500$ or a set of Maytag face loaders for 1000$. Is it worth paying the extra 500$ to get the energy and water efficient front loaders? Or are the benefits of a fa loader not worth 500$.
A. My terminal 3 machines have been front loaders. I find only advantages. Because they tumble instead of agitating, it is gentler on fabrics. They can wash larger bedding pieces. I have washed my movie queen...
Q. How much should I name for my gently used washer and dryer? The washer and dryer are about 4 years old. Nothing too gingerbread, just a plain old white Fridgidare top-load washer and front-load dryer. Large capacity, good condition. I'm planning on placing an ad, but may end up selling it to friends, in which...
A. Most towns have a bantam used appliance store somewhere. Check what their prices are for similar items and go from there. I am in Charlottesville, Va. and there is one here, he charges $125.00 for...

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